Siobhan Smith, MSOD, CPCC
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Siobhan Smith, MSOD, CPCC


As Co-President of Catapult, Siobhan Smith is informed by her two-decade career as a senior human resources and organizational development executive in a number of international corporations. Siobhan has walked in the shoes of her current clients, launching internal development departments, managing significant budgets, and designing the culture and talent strategies for teams numbering in the hundreds. This experience brings unique value to her work with Catapult clients in developing actionable strategic plans, creating customized development plans, and improving the effectiveness of their leadership teams.

Siobhan is motivated to use the differentiating gifts of talent the Catapult team possesses to make a difference. She believes in people and the impact they have when values and organizational culture align. That is her life’s work, and the reason she co-founded Catapult. When people feel valued and do meaningful work at all levels, the world becomes a better place.

Among her former roles, Siobhan was SVP of Organizational Development at First Niagara Financial Group and the Senior Director of Human Resources at New Era Cap.

Siobhan holds a bachelor’s degree in industrial organizational psychology and a master’s degree in organizational communication & development from Canisius College. Additionally, she is a certified executive coach and is a certified practitioner for both the Hogan assessment and Leadership Versatility Index.

Personal Perspective: One of our core values is to Innovate and Create. I feel blessed to do what I absolutely love every day at Catapult, because I am sincerely interested in what our clients do. I truly want to understand their challenges. Focusing on each individual case ensures that we examine all possibilities, researching and brainstorming to come up with the unique path that fits best with our client’s goals. This allows us to be thought leaders in organizational development, strategy, and culture, and to bring the client customized solutions that work for them.