People are an organization’s most valuable resource. Ensuring they are positioned for success involves the deliberate alignment of your talent with your strategy, culture, and people systems. We work to deliver customized, comprehensive solutions to meet your organization’s goals and full potential to deliver lasting impact with meaningful results. If you are committed to the growth and development of your talent, teams, and organization, Catapult’s experts will design and deliver the right programs for you.


  • Strategic Planning
  • Executive Team Excellence
  • Culture Alignment
  • Cohesive & Effective Teams
  • Leadership Retreats
  • Board Advisory
  • Succession Planning

Our Philosophy


We strive to understand your organization’s current state and functioning by listening, conversing, learning, and collecting data using a collaborative approach with the organization’s leadership. Our experience has shown us effective diagnosis provides the systemic knowledge of the organization needed to design appropriate interventions.


We take a holistic view of your organization and work with you to design the customized interventions to obtain desired results and outcomes. We consider the power of the individual, the team, and the organization when developing programs. We collaborate with organizations to ensure the readiness, willingness, and ability of all stakeholders to engage in the change journey and partner throughout the engagement.


Organizational development is an infinite game, not a one-time event. We work to set up systems to plan, do, check, and act to continuously make progress, learn, and grow. Organizations operate in a dynamic environment and must be adaptive. We position your organizational systems to respond to changes and challenges for today and the future.


Organizational health is much more than profitability. It is when vision, strategy, and culture are clearly aligned. It is when team members are engaged, and customers are delighted. And it takes work and effort, starting at the top. We create programs around building cohesive and effective leadership teams, so they are united and have a common purpose. Catapult then provides a roadmap to ensure clarity on the organizational needs and the implementation plan to achieve desired outcomes. In partnership with leadership, we create the corresponding systems to sustain and maintain organizational health.

Client Testimonials

  • The entire team at Catapult Executive Consulting demonstrated an exceptional level of expertise in organizational development, offering a clear roadmap leading to the development of a comprehensive and actionable organizational strategic plan. Their team of experts hit the ground running bringing a deep understanding of best-in-class strategic planning processes and outstanding facilitation skills, while also empowering each member of our team to share a seat at the table throughout the entire strategic planning process. Their expert coaching provided a blueprint positioning our organization for future success and I’m grateful for the positive, collaborative impact they have had on shaping our 5-year strategic plan. I strongly recommend Catapult Executive Consulting to any organization seeking a partner dedicated to driving meaningful results.

    Stephen Tucker

    CEO Northland Workforce Training Center