The cornerstone of organizational success lies in the capacity to achieve business objectives and maintain a competitive edge.

Catapult excels in aligning executive compensation with long-term business strategy, goals and culture creating value for shareholders, executives, and employees. In our role as an advisor, we partner with our clients to develop and implement effective compensation programs designed to attract, motivate, and retain an organizations most important asset, its people. Catapult provides the experience, resources and expert advice to ensure achievement of a high-performance culture and an effective leadership team.

Our team has experience designing programs for a variety of organizations, such as publicly traded, privately held, family owned, venture capital backed, non-profit, public sector and government organizations.

Compensation Consulting Services


Establishment of a compensation strategy is the first step in ensuring successful achievement of compensation programs. This process ensures alignment of the compensation programs with the long-term business strategy and goals. This also provides the foundation to articulate the compensation philosophy and strategy to the Board of Directors, Shareholders, Leadership and Employees.


Over the last several years, the economy and labor market have had a significant impact on an organization’s ability to attract and retain talent. We are seeing an unprecedented demand to top talent, and having competitive compensation programs is a key to success. Catapult partners with our clients to evaluate their current compensation programs, pay rates and incentive plans to ensure employees are fairly compensated and motivated to achieve results.


As competition for top talent heats up, more organizations are revisiting management incentive plans. We have vast consultative experience helping clients align participants with the key interests of company strategy, shareholder expectations, and the competitive market.


Equity compensation ensures focus on long-term business-objectives. This ensures leadership is not only focused on achieving annual goals but ensures their decision making aligns with the long-term goals of an organization. Catapult has the expertise to design these programs for start-up companies, as well as established public and privately held organizations.


Executive compensation comes in diverse forms, and Catapult specializes in developing comprehensive plans to attract and retain officers, directors, and key staff. Key components may include long-term and deferred compensation, key person insurance, transition, and continuity planning.


Catapult can help design salary administration programs including:

• Competitive salary structures based on market pricing and internal equity.

• Implementation of performance evaluation method and procedures.

•.Competitive annual merit process with calibration, ensuring internal equity across the organization.

Our Philosophy


The Catapult team, across all practices, share our collective knowledge and experience with our clients. This allows a multi-facet approach to ensuring the design and implementation of compensation programs are successful. Setting yourself apart from the competition involves achieving financial goals, reaching transformational milestones, and fostering a positive culture through an engaged and high-performing management team. Catapult not only focuses on the data and design of compensation programs, we ensure they provide the alignment, vision and motivation to create a high performance organization.


We recognize that each of our clients are unique and will require an individualized compensation program that aligns with not only your business strategy, but type of organization, and current challenges. In crafting your compensation plan, we ensure it has a broader impact on your leadership strategy, aiming for optimal individual and organizational performance.


Recognizing the impact of compensation on behavior, we collaborate with you to ensure that the right individuals are in the right positions, undertaking the right actions to achieve success. Change can be a difficult process; our team has expertise in providing a road map for successful transformative change.

Client Testimonials

  • We worked with Catapult to have an external compensation market study completed for all positions within our organization. We were impressed by the team at Catapult, specifically how knowledgeable, helpful and informative they were. They guided us through the process, taking a time-consuming, complex project and making it very easy. The report we received was comprehensive and thorough. It is being used to help ensure that our salaries are both externally competitive and internally equitable, which is a key component of our retention strategy.

    Erica Reger

    Chief Human Resources Officer, Child and Family Services