John Koelmel
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John Koelmel

Senior Advisor

John Koelmel, a dynamic and accomplished business leader, provides strategic insights, vision, best practices and inspiration for Catapult’s client base. He is a passionate advocate for talent development, and has more than thirty years of experience guiding, developing and growing best-in-class organizations. John is a recognized team builder with proven operational skills and abilities.

A big-picture thinker focused on results and outcomes, John is committed to making a meaningful difference and creating differentiating impact by positioning and enabling teams and organizations to thrive and excel. This benefits not only the institution, but also the constituents and communities they serve.

John was formerly President and CEO of First Niagara Financial Group and then President of HARBORCENTER in Buffalo, NY.

Personal Perspective: Creating real success as well as a meaningful and differentiating legacy—organizationally or individually—can only be achieved if you and your team have clarity of purpose, a passionate conviction to win, an unwavering commitment to each other and the courage to prevail. Great leaders embrace each and every moment. Great organizations never lose sight of the destination. At Catapult, we help ensure your strategy, talent and culture are aligned to deliver not only great outcomes but lasting and meaningful impact. We care because you do. Be the best you can be. Dare to be great. We’ll help you make it happen.