Jonathan Domino
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Jonathan Domino

Compensation Consultant

In his role as a Compensation Consultant, Jonathan Domino brings a specific financial speciality to the team. With a background in wealth management, as well as a series 65 holder, Jonathan is able to provide Catapult clients with a unique approach in developing compensation programs. Jonathan has bachelor’s degrees in both Finance and Economics from the Canisius University.

Prior to joining Catapult, Jonathan spent 8 years involved in financial operations and analysis for companies in the healthcare, manufacturing and financial industry. This background has allowed Jonathan to gain experience with the workforce of various companies of differing sizes and ownership. Jonathan was able to work directly with the employees that the new compensation programs would benefit. In working directly with these individuals, it allowed him to see the importance of workplace culture, leadership training, and how overall compensation motivates employees. In his position, Jonathan is motivated to assist organizations in developing programs that will allow them to seamlessly retain their existing staff, as well as effectively recruit new employees to their growing companies.  

Personal Perspective:
In a rapidly changing economy, it has become imperative to have consistent dialogue with business leaders to ensure the compensation & benefit programs the companies they represent are keeping pace with the market. This is demonstrated by Catapult’s value of listening and learning. As we exit unprecedented times, there has been a clear shift in the priority of the overall workforce. Ensuring that conversations are being had with our clients on a regular basis will allow the companies to be informed of current trends, or specific changes that can be implemented for the betterment of their workforce as a whole. While providing current market information is important, being able to listen to the needs and circumstances of our clients is paramount. I firmly believe there needs to be a balance in the discussions with our clients. Our clients will benefit from the market research and recommendation on compensation trends at all levels our team will be able to provide them, including how their peers are managing similar situations. Staying informed about market trends in compensation is a strategic imperative for companies looking to attract and retain top talent, maintain employee satisfaction, and ensure overall organizational success.