Krista Temlitz
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Krista Temlitz

Director of Project Management and Continuous Improvement

In her role as Director of Project Management and Continuous Improvement, Krista is focused on driving favorable results for clients, teammates, and organizations. She brings 13 years of operations and cross-functional team experience, working closely with Executive and Senior Leadership teams to define goals and develop meaningful improvement plans. Krista is committed to understanding the needs of the client and identifying impactful solutions that result in successful outcomes for our valued partners and for our team.

Before joining the Catapult team, Krista worked in customer service, financial services, and the startup community, spanning a variety of industries including retail, banking, automotive, and research. Throughout her career, she has remained dedicated to enhancing the customer experience, whether the “customer” is a client, partner, or internal teammate. Krista approaches all projects and improvement initiatives with a focus on people, process, and technology. In 2019, she earned her Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt in process improvement and has coached a wide range of projects resulting in significant improvements in the areas of Operations, Human Resources, Sales, and Technology.

Personal Perspective: Our Care Deeply value resonates with me on a professional and personal level and is engrained in the work I produce and the relationships I build. I am passionate about creating meaningful and supportive experiences. Caring about our clients, our team, and our company means we celebrate wins, assess learnings to make improvements, and always do our best work. When people feel valued, heard, and cared about, they are engaged and aligned on achieving shared goals. I believe this is how we make the greatest impact.