Paige Gullotti Nero, MSA
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Paige Gullotti Nero, MSA

Senior Director of Talent

Paige Gullotti brings to her role over eight years of experience in leadership development and recruitment. She has built her career by taking on inaugural roles and uses each opportunity to listen, understand and evaluate the needs of the organizations and individuals on her team in order to develop a plan of work and accomplish objectives. She applies this same approach in her role as Senior Director of Talent at Catapult, where she leads executive searches, provides assessments for hiring and development, and fully manages projects, client communications, and logistics.

Paige has an uncanny ability to put herself in the shoes of her clients and cares deeply about providing meaningful results. To accomplish this, she has learned the value of asking the right questions and being an active listener. This approach has enabled her to recruit top talent for key strategic leadership roles, support the Catapult team in providing world-class leadership development and coaching, build stronger relationships, and recommend solutions that organizations can utilize to grow their success for years to come.

Prior to joining Catapult, Paige worked in the financial services industry in a training and recruiting leadership role. She holds both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in accounting from Medaille College. Additionally, Paige is certified in several psychometric tools such as the Hogan assessment and Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI).

Personal Perspective: Listening and Understanding brings tremendous value to creating true human connection and meaningful relationships. This Catapult value resonates so clearly for me in all of my interactions with my friends, family, colleagues, and clients. At Catapult, we identify ourselves as problem-solvers. We take a true discovery approach with our clients by asking questions, listening, and understanding, in order to get to the root cause of the issue and provide meaningful results. I believe this is what allows me to be a genuine partner to our clients having their best interest in mind at all times, while understanding their needs, the organization, and the employees and customers that they serve.