Sarah Gilson MBA, CPCC
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Sarah Gilson MBA, CPCC

Vice President of Organizational Development

Sarah Gilson has over twenty years of Organizational Development and Human Resources experience in a variety of industries including manufacturing, banking, academia, and staffing. She focuses on understanding an organization’s strategic objectives to align talent best practices to help move the business forward.

Drawing on her experience as a business executive, Sarah is an expert at partnering with organizations to help them achieve their desired strategic objectives through various methods including executive program facilitation, coaching, and assessment administration and interpretation. As an executive coach, Sarah is known for her ability to see the bigger picture and to ask questions to help clients gain a deeper perspective, delivering meaningful results.

Sarah is a firm advocate for women’s leadership initiatives and is involved in mentoring and coaching female leaders, has held many leadership roundtables, and has founded a local women’s leadership group. She is also passionate about Lupus awareness and volunteers her time to that cause.

Personal Perspective:

People are an organization’s most important asset. Hiring, developing, and motivating the right people is imperative to drive growth, and to differentiate organizations from their competitors.