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To be successful, you need the right combination of talent and culture working together to enable everyone to flourish while in pursuit of a winning strategy. That’s why Catapult does much more than help you fill key positions on your team. We’re committed to finding the right people and best fit for your organization, culture, and vision—for today and into the future.

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Our Approach

A Strategic Decision

Catapult is not just a search firm. We want to know much more than the description of the job that you are filling. We start by understanding your organization as well as your vision, strategy, and culture. We identify candidates who best fit your corporate profile, not just the position requirements. Our holistic approach ensures not just a good fit, but the right fit.

Cultural Awareness

It cannot be taken for granted that the right fit on paper is right for your unique organization. Catapult gains a deep understanding not only of the skill gaps to be filled but also the cultural needs. Recruiting for the right cultural fit can make the difference between retention and looking for another candidate mere months later.

Identify, Assess & Engage

We cast a wide net, reaching beyond our own expansive network to ensure we identify a robust, highly-qualified and interested pool of talent. We also use the Hogan suite of assessment tools to better determine that you have the right addition to your team. We engage your candidates in thorough and meaningful interactions to ensure you know who they are, how they think and what they value.

Start, Finish & Follow Through

Catapult’s Search approach is all-encompassing. We handle every step of the hiring process, from the big picture to the smallest detail. Once the right person has been identified, we work with you to facilitate a harmonious integration, ensuring your new hire is effectively acclimated and on-boarded.

Client Testimonials

  • Catapult (Marsha Koelmel) understood the unique circumstance and attributes that our CEO search implied and effectively identified candidates with responsive credentials. Catapult's qualification analysis- including personality profiling- was excellent and spot on for the applicant we chose, whose performance has been even better than hoped for. We would recommend Catapult highly and enthusiastically for searches that require insight, diligence and great follow through.

    Bill Joyce

    Founding Chair, Western New York Impact Investment Fund

  • Catapult added so much value to our search. By taking on all of the recruitment and candidate screening, they brought us a list of qualified candidate for consideration. Their professional insights, candidates assessments and screening process enabled our search committee to quickly identify and secure an exceptional candidate.

    Christina Orsi

    Associate Vice President of Economic Development, University at Buffalo

  • Their behind-the-scenes work in identifying, vetting and assessing candidate behaviors and competencies was instrumental in support of the search committee's deliberations. We all felt that Aspire's search process was deftly handled by Catapult and that our ultimate choice was very clear. Our new CEO at Aspire, Renee Filip, has proven to be exactly the right fit for us; she is precisely what we had all hoped to secure in new leadership for our $75 M organization. Catapult's executive search consulting style provided just the right mixture of informed coaching and sensitive listening. We particularly appreciated your firm's studied avoidance of a prescriptive "we know best" approach.

    John Earshen

    Board Chair, Aspire WNY

  • I can say without reservation, that you and your team, Paige in particular, made for the best candidacy/recruitment process I have ever experienced. I am not certain what your secret might be; transparency, sincerity, integrity, communication, professionalism and humor all come to mind. I consider myself very fortunate to have met you as you are a consummate professional and a great woman-leader in our community. I look forward to continuing our relationship.

    Renee Filip

    Chief Executive Officer, Aspire WNY