Discovering Yourself

Defining your career path with assessments.

5 ways assessments can help:

1. Understanding yourself. How would you rate your self-awareness? Assessments help you gain in-depth insights into your strengths, development opportunities, motives, values, critical reasoning ability, and emotional intelligence. When you understand yourself better, you can approach your own work in a manner that best suits your individual preferences and style, including time management, problem solving, decision making, and dealing with stress. This self-awareness can help you discover new strengths, develop new skills and identify areas for development. Assessments help you discover:

– Your individual work style

– Your behavioral preferences

– Your potential performance risks

– Your core values and motivators

– Your critical reasoning ability

– Your emotional intelligence

2. Understanding your teammates. Very few of us work completely alone. Most of us are part of a team, and how we work with that team can be crucial to our own career success. Assessments help provide a deep understanding of various personality types and how they work with each other. Understanding how the communication style of an extrovert differs from that of an introvert, for example, can help you to be more sensitive and understanding in your approach to working with others. Team assessments can not only help you as an individual but help your entire team to become more cohesive and effective. Team assessments aid in identifying the baseline level of functionality within the team and foster collaboration and effective communication among team members.

3. Understanding your work environment. Assessments can help you learn that you work best in a quiet environment with few meetings and interruptions, or that you work best in a fast-paced, energetic, collaborative group setting. When you understand how your work environment affects you and your productivity, you can make choices that will enhance your preferred style, such as setting an hour aside each day in a closed office with no meetings for focused concentration or choosing an open-style office for more frequent interactions with colleagues.

4. Understanding your career path. Assessments can help you discover a career path that may be different than the one you have been on. Or they can help confirm that you are on the exact right track to achieve your personal goals. The process of truly understanding yourself that assessments enable can help you to discover what career path best suits you and identify ways to advance in your career.

5. Understanding how you work best within your organization. When individual assessments are part of a group or team effort supported by your organization, you may discover more about how you fit within it. Do your values, motives and preferences align with your organization’s Purpose and Vision? Are your personality traits consistent with those of your team or organization? Or are yours unique, enabling you to offer a different perspective that may help to strengthen your business? Assessments can aid your organization in learning more about the leaders within it, and how that leadership can support the overall goals and objectives for greater success.

Assessments can help you find the answers. For more information about assessments for you, your team, or your organization, please contact us at

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