Be Better

At Catapult, we have positioned ourselves at the intersection of Talent and Strategy. We support our clients’ success by enabling them to better align team, culture and vision.

As a country, we are now at a critical intersection of pain, injustice, outrage and racism. We must find a path forward that better aligns all Hearts and Minds to be more inclusive, fair and just for everyone.

Therefore, our pledge at Catapult is to Be Better – as a Team, with our clients and in our communities. We will further open our hearts and engage our minds to:

-Be more awake to and aware of our own views and actions

-Show more compassion, empathy and concern for every person from every walk of life

-Be stronger advocates for positive change

-Never tolerate inequity, bias and injustice at any level

-Lead with goodness, hope and love

While committed to be part of the solution in everything we do, it’s now imperative that every person in every organization Be Better. All of us at Catapult fully welcome and embrace that responsibility.

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