Success Story: Igniting Leadership

The Challenge:

North Forest Office Space had ambitious plans for expanding its unique value proposition throughout the US in fast-growing cities. To do this, they wanted to ensure their people aligned with the company’s strategic growth plans and continuous improvement efforts.

The Solution:

Catapult has worked with the president of North Forest to design customized leadership development events each year at its Leadership Retreat since 2016. We used team assessments and worked to ensure the team each year grew in its cohesiveness and effectiveness.

The Outcome:

Year over year, the organization has grown and the leadership team has grown with it. According to North Forest’s president, the leadership team each year gains more clarity on what is important, has fortified its trust in each other, works more effectively together and is beating its targets each year.


“Having worked with Catapult over the last 5 years, it is clear to me that they are BEST IN CLASS for organizational development, strategic planning, executive coaching and recruitment. I consider Catapult as a partner in our business and I lean on them for most of my organizational development initiatives. Catapult listens intently and spends time up front to diagnose before proposing scope of work and solutions. Their span and depth of experience allows them to tailor solutions to the client’s specific needs. I am confident that during initial stages of engagement that I will not get just an ‘off the shelf’ proposal.”

Dave Merrell, Chief Executive Officer, North Forest Office Space

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