Sudden Loss of Leadership

The past several weeks served as a powerful testing ground for leadership teams in every organization.

One of the most important ways that high-performing leadership teams can ensure a competitive advantage is to have in place an Emergency Succession Plan. The possibility that organizations may now need to deal with one or more executives who are unable to perform their duties for a short or longer period of time requires a plan that has been vetted and internalized by the Senior Leadership Team.

Rigorous contingency planning is essential for business continuity and success. To test your emergency succession planning, here are a few essential questions to consider as you evaluate your team’s readiness:

Are the key strategic priorities clear and actionable enough for a successor to effectively step in and execute immediately?

Do we have emergency succession plans for all key roles?

Are there any gaps or duplication in our emergency succession plans?

Has the senior team discussed business scenario & critical function reviews to “confidence test” contingency plans?

Are planned successors aware of their role and ready to quickly step into an emergency succession role?

Through our extensive work with Boards and Executive Teams, we have developed a diagnostic tool and framework for Sudden Loss of Leadership that has been tested and proven to enable teams to confidently withstand the unplanned loss of a critical leader.

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