The Human Element

Are you focusing on the wrong things as a leader? You may be emphasizing results, data, production, and the bottom line. These aspects of business are important, to be sure. But sometimes so much attention is placed on results that the human side of business gets forgotten. If you’re ignoring the human element, true success in leadership may elude you.

Consideration of the human element is an essential component of successful leadership. By recognizing employees’ lives and families, their values and passions, their challenges and obstacles, and their responsibilities outside of work, you demonstrate that your team members are essential. Successful leaders emphasize and enable the talent and creativity of their people and empower their teams through human connections. It’s critical to invest in your talent through a multitude of ways because by taking care of them, they will take care of your business.

3 tips to refocus your attention on the human element:

  1. Lead with empathy. As Oprah Winfrey once said, “Leadership is about empathy. It is about having the ability to relate to and connect with people for the purpose of inspiring and empowering their lives.” Leading with empathy focuses on identifying with others and understanding their point of view. Empathetic leaders have a deep and genuine interest in the people around them. They want to understand what makes them tick, what challenges they face, and what inspires them. They interact with others in a way that leaves their team feeling valued and respected for their personal and professional worth. How to lead with empathy.
  2. Lead like a coach. Leading with a coaching mindset involves bringing out the best in each team member and working together to achieve a goal. Just as in sports, you need each player to play their best for the team to win. A good coach learns each team member’s strengths and weaknesses. A coach understands the individual talents of each team member and what motivates and inspires them. Good coaches utilize communication, observation, and motivation to help team members develop and grow. A leader as coach mentality helps you to bring out the best in your team. The benefits of a coaching leadership style.
  3. Be inspirational. One of the most important qualities of leadership is the ability to inspire and motivate. When the enthusiasm, expertise, and talents of motivated individuals are combined, you and your team are better equipped to accomplish goals and objectives. Motivated individuals are eager and driven in the work they do. They are inspired to give their best for the company and themselves. They maintain an optimistic outlook and are flexible to any changes in the workplace. As a leader, you play a crucial role in inspiring and motivating your team members to become more driven. The 6 keys of inspirational leadership.

By strengthening empathy, developing a coaching leadership style, and enhancing your ability to inspire and motivate your team, you can refocus and renew your emphasis on the most important aspect of your business: your people. As Simon Sinek said, “Great leaders don’t see themselves as great; they see themselves as human.” By focusing on the human element, you can take one step closer to leadership greatness.


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