Tips For Setting Goals


As you start the new year, take some time to brainstorm the goals you would like to accomplish this year. Setting goals in your professional and personal life can help you to focus your efforts on the tasks you most wish to accomplish and those skills you most wish to strengthen. Having clear, specific, challenging goals can help you gain skills and strengths to grow your potential. When you accomplish your goals, you’ll boost your confidence and motivation.


  1. Be SMART! Make your goals:
    • Specific – Create an overall plan with smaller tasks to help you meet your goals with guidance on how to follow through.
    • Measurable – Include metrics for your goals so you can measure your degree of success.
    • Achievable – Set realistic goals for yourself and your team that you can accomplish.
    • Relevant – The goals you set for yourself and your team should align with your company’s overall objectives.
    • Timely – Set a clearly defined timeline, including a starting date and a target completion date.
  2. Be gentle. During these stressful times, we should continue to challenge ourselves and our teams while keeping mental and emotional well-being top of mind.
  3. Be patient. Challenging goals take time to accomplish. Focus on one item at a time and give it your best effort.
  4. Be positive. Stay positive and encourage yourself to learn from any mistakes as you keep moving forward to accomplish the next goal.

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