Videos, Podcasts & Books For Leaders



We’ve curated a list of videos, podcasts, and books to enhance your leadership journey. We hope they’ll help you, challenge you, and inspire you to become an even better leader.


Brené Brown: “The Call to Courage”

With humor and empathy, Brené Brown discusses what it takes to choose courage over comfort in a culture defined by scarcity, fear and uncertainty.


What makes a great leader? Management theorist Simon Sinek suggests, it’s someone who makes their employees feel secure, who draws staffers into a circle of trust. But creating trust and safety — especially in an uneven economy — means taking on big responsibility.

Margaret Heffernan: “Dare to Disagree”

In this talk, Margaret Heffernan explains how disagreements are the basis for progress and that individuals need forms of conflict to move forward. This video helps leaders see past the perceived negativity of disagreements and teaches them how to harness differences to create change for the better.

“The Dropout”

If you want to learn what NOT to do as a leader, watch this story of Elizabeth Holmes (Amanda Seyfried) and Theranos, an unbelievable tale of ambition and fame gone terribly wrong. How did the world’s youngest self-made female billionaire lose it all in the blink of an eye?


Women Taking the Lead

Created for women looking to make an impact, the goal of Women Taking the Lead is to inspire ambitious, go-getting women to overcome self-doubt so they can lead with confidence, integrity and a sense of humor.

Ted Business

Every Monday, host Modupe Akinola of Columbia Business School presents the most powerful and surprising ideas that illuminate the business world. After the talk, you’ll get a mini-lesson from Modupe on how to apply the ideas in your own life. Because business evolves every day, and our ideas about it should, too.

The Broad Experience

Shatter that glass ceiling! Guests and personal stories fill this podcast all about race, culture, and women in the workplace. Host Ashley Milne-Tyte is especially concerned with why many ambitious women can’t seem to reach the level of success they desire.

Andy Stanely Leadership Podcast

Stanley uses a real-life example to simplify complex issues and utilizes his communication skills to offer real, practical leadership advice that can be implemented immediately.


Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner Office: Unconscious Mistakes Women Make That Sabotage Their Careers” by Lois P. Frankel PhD

Teaches you how to eliminate unconscious mistakes that could be holding you back and offers invaluable coaching tips that can easily be incorporated into your social and business skills. Stop making “nice girl” errors that can become career pitfalls.

“Primal Leadership: Unleashing the Power of Emotional Intelligence” by Daniel Goleman, Richard E. Boyatzis, and Annie McKee

This is the book that established “emotional intelligence” in the business lexicon—and made it a necessary skill for leaders.

“Lead from the Outside: How to Build Your Future and Make Real Change” by Stacey Abrahms

Lead from the Outside is the handbook for outsiders, written with the awareness of the experiences and challenges that hinder anyone who exists beyond the structure of traditional white male power―women, people of color, members of the LGBTQ community, and millennials ready to make a difference.

“The Mentor Leader: Secrets to Building People and Teams That Win Consistently” by Tony Dungy

The Mentor Leader explains how to elevate those around you towards success with one simple principle: “your only job is to help your players be better.” Dungy outlines the critical elements of mentor leadership, including introspection, altruistic mindset, and modeling values. The Mentor Leader demonstrates how to maximize team potential and drive individuals towards optimal performance.

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