Want to keep top talent knocking at your door? Communicate!

We’ve all been there…..

Apply for a job.

Get interviewed.

Told we will hear back within 1 week.

2-3 weeks go by.


There is nothing more frustrating as an eager jobseeker than to be left in the dark during the recruiting process. Constantly being told you will receive feedback in a week or two and then a month SLOWLY goes by. Even after attempts to obtain feedback you still receive no response. It can be very frustrating.

Transparency and communication in the recruiting process is so important to both the candidate and employer in order for each party to make the best hiring/career decision. Employers can lose great candidates if their recruitment process is not progressing as promised and as transparent as expected.

Having experienced recruitment from both inside organizations as an employee, and outside as a consultant, I have learned that expectations of transparency stand true across the board. Additionally, knowing what’s its like to be a candidate in both vague and transparent interview processes, I can relate to the difficulties jobseekers face.

At this stage in my career, having spent a year on the consultant side of recruiting, and learning from my leaders, I know it is our responsibility to bridge the communication gap between candidates and the employers we work with. As retained search consultants, we have the opportunity to immerse ourselves in the needs of the organization and the role we are recruiting for. We are committed to meeting and understanding the needs of the hiring committee and tailoring our search to find the candidate who will fit the bill. It’s not just about finding the most qualified candidate; it’s about finding the right fit for the organization, considering their experience, cultural fit, and alignment of values. We continuously have these conversations with the employer throughout the process as we narrow down candidates. As decisions are made or processes are delayed, we ensure communication continues to flow between the employer and the candidates, even if there is no news to share.

Having a solid recruitment process with transparency is a competitive advantage with the war on talent acquisition. Below are some questions to consider:

1) What does your overall recruiting process look like?

Do you have a constant flow of communication? This will not only keep the candidate engaged, but it will also help the employer/ consultant get to know the candidate better. It will help bring to light their natural communication style, attention to detail, true interest in the position, and encourage responsiveness.

When decisions are made, be clear of the why. Why are they moving forward? Why didn’t they make it to the next round? This information is so important to a jobseeker, as it will help them understand what they are doing right, what they need to work on, and how they can improve to get to where they want to go.

2) What information do you provide to candidates during the recruiting process?

Be sure to provide a clear picture of the role that they are in the running for. Discuss:

-Work Environment

-Expectations – hours, flexibility

-Training/ Onboarding provided

-Assistance/ Resources available

-What success looks like in the organization

-Rigor/Pace of the work

Providing clear information in these areas will not only help to find a candidate who matches the role, but who can truly handle the work. If expectations are clear, you will have a much higher retention and candidate satisfaction rate. If a candidate decides to leave within the first year, it should not be because they were not aware of the true nature of the work.

3) What happens after the offer is made?

The recruiting process does not end after the offer is made. If transparency around expectations and needs are clear between the employer and the candidate, then this portion of the process should not be a difficult step to close.

Once, the candidate accepts the employers offer, it is now the employer’s responsibility to deliver on the promises they made during the recruiting process by providing a solid onboarding process. Candidates’ beginning in a new role come in with fire and enthusiasm, so if the first day/week does not meet their expectations, it can be difficult to relight that fire. Both employers and candidates should bring their best!

Sometimes this level of care and detail in a recruiting process can be difficult for an employer to meet when they are recruiting for so many different types of positions. That’s where our team at Catapult can come in to provide a clear and concise process to ensure top level hires are secured.

There are so many benefits to a strong, transparent recruiting process. Take some time to reflect on yours! You don’t want top talent to fall through the cracks!

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