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Leadership development programs for managers and supervisors

One of the most important components that dictates the future success of an organization is how high-performing and high-potential employees are being developed. There has never been a more pressing time than today for organizations to invest in their talent. Placing an emphasis on leadership training within your organization can have a significant impact on preparing your current and future leaders to advance their careers and achieve desired outcomes.

Catapult’s expertise in leadership and organizational development, strategy and executive search allows our team to bring in-depth knowledge and effective solutions to meet the talent and leadership development needs of our clients. We have experienced firsthand the lasting impact and meaningful results that talent development brings to an organization when it is aligned with strategic goals.

Creating value

For the individual:

  • Participants develop leadership skills based on relevant competency areas, in addition to emotional intelligence (self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and social skills)
  • Participants are able to maximize strengths and increase influence as a leader
  • Participants will gain an understanding of why their work matters and adds value to the team and organization
  • Participants are supported in determining professional goals that align with career objectives and identify measurable actions to make progress towards goal attainment

For the team:

  • Team members will develop an understanding around the value of creating a cohesive team that has the ability to increase productivity and drive results
  • Team leaders will learn to build an effective group focusing on trust, conflict, commitment, accountability and results
  • Team members will gain peer support and coaching through experiential assignments

For the organization:

  • Participants will measure their success in terms of their team’s impact in addition to their own individual contribution.

Program components

Many companies offer leadership development programs to their employees. One thing that is important to note is that these development initiatives cannot be a one-size-fits-all. They must be customized to the objectives that the organization is striving to achieve.

At Catapult, we work with you to build a customized learning environment based on the roles of the participants and overarching organizational needs. Our programs include a combination of the following learning methods to support leadership and talent development:

  • Learning is experiential and reflective through the use of monthly webinars and/or classes based on relevant competency areas.
  • Learning is contextualized through practice lab assignments. Participants are able to bring a direct application of their learnings and skills into their daily work.
  • Learning is personalized and tailored to one’s own individual goals and aspirations through the use of individual development plans and executive coaching. Programs also aid in creating self–awareness through individual/team assessments. Participants have an opportunity to work on their inner self before directing their focus on their teams or organization.
  • Learning is socialized. Participants collaborate, provide peer support and feedback and aid in problem solving while working with cross-functional colleagues in a peer group setting.

The assessments Catapult utilizes are:

  • The gold standard in behavioral and personality assessments, backed by over 30+ years of industry-leading research.
  • Valid and reliable. Using tools for assessment in development helps predict fit, capabilities and potential.

If you’re thinking about enhancing your leadership development efforts, we recommend first reaching out to a member of the Catapult team to better understand the unique needs of your team and its leaders. Please contact us at (716) 256-1550 or by email at to schedule time to further discuss your development objectives.

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