Talent: The Most Powerful Differentiator

By Marsha Koelmel

Co-President of Catapult

The COVID-19 health crisis has created a leadership crisis which likely tested many of your resources: raw materials, technology, intellectual property, customer relationships, distribution, to name a few. While it may have been necessary to keep the focus on these immediate needs over the past several months, the most successful leaders know that these types of resources are short-lived differentiators.

It is well documented that the most powerful & sustainable competitive advantage is talent – your human resources.

Harnessing the judgment, agility, creativity, passion and capabilities that people bring to work is, now more than ever, the ultimate differentiator. When top talent underpins every strategic choice and business decision, desired results are far more likely to be realized and sustained.

The ‘New Normal’ competencies of resilience, creativity, decision making, adaptability, courage, empathy, critical consciousness, and authentic communication are what made the difference in organizations that successfully managed through the crisis and they will be even more critical for success in the future. How is your team positioned to face the future and win?

Some questions to ask:

How has our business model been impacted by COVID 19?

What key positions/persons proved vital during COVID 19?

What leadership competencies helped us most through the COVID 19 crisis?

What are the competencies needed to succeed in our new business model?

Do we have the right talent in key positions to transition and succeed in the new normal?

Are we investing appropriately in the development of our talent to ensure success in the future?

Catapult partners with leaders and their teams to ensure that they have the talent necessary to succeed now and into the future. To learn more about our future of work focused succession management and leadership development programs click here.

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